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Skyvac Gutter Cleaning

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SkyVac Gutter Cleaning System

The Worlds Most Powerful Free Standing Gutter Cleaning Machine.

Suitable for: Industrial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning, Wet or Dry application

Our ethos towards any service we provide is simply to achieve the best. This in mind we have recently invested in the market leading ground fed gutter cleaning system. With its unrivaled power and lift capabilities, we are now able to clean gutters up to 40ft, without getting on a ladder. This is a massive safety improvement for both us and the customer. Those virtually inaccessible gutters are now within reach.

3 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of Water Lift (Most 3 motor vacuum systems will only give 90 inches Water Lift).

Vacuum Specification

Skyvac is a specifically modified, time efficient, high level gutter-cleaning system that has been specially developed for outdoor robust work.

  • Vacuum 150″ water lift 374 (MBAR)
  • Air flow Movement: 8000 Litres per minute
  • Motor wattage: 3300 (3 motors)